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Rabu, 05 September 2012

Memperkenalkan Diri dalam Bahasa Inggris

Temen-temen lagi kesulitan buat cari bahan kata untuk memperkenalkan diri?

ini nih buat kamu yang lagi ada tugas buat memperkenalkan diri dalam bahasa Inggris.
kebetulan saya juga baru mendapat tugas tersebut, jadi sekalian saya share aja teks yang sudah saya siapkan.

Good evening my friend, I will introduce myself.
my name is deniduor, but you can call me deni to easily. I was born in Malang, August 20, 1993, so I Horoscop leo and my age 19 now. I live in Malang
I have pleasant personality. Iam very friendly,sometimes Iam shy if I meet new people. Iam confident.  sometimes I become annoying person and selfish. I like smile a lot.
Now, I'm one of informatics engineering education student at the State University of Malang. School was always my activities I do every day in addition I have a lot of activities like sleeping in my house and play.
I like to do something fun like hanging out with my friends or just a waste of time with my friends.
in my family, my only child, my brother or sister yet. but I never felt lonely because I have many friends and especially I have a close knit family and the parents are great, I have a beautiful mother and handsome father and I love them very much.
I just hope one day I can make them happy. I know that I can give back what they've given me in my life it's really imposible but I always try to make them happy and proud of me.

ok, I think it is enough for my introducing. thank you for your attention.

Gak perlu panjang lebar dan harus lama , cukup 5menit tapi yang penting jelas dan saat memperkenalkan diri selalu usahakan untuk menatap mata teman-teman anda .
Semoga berguna :)

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